Maresi partner brands

Maresi partner brands


Working for the brand

We manage a diverse portfolio of international partner brands and own brands. Many of these are Category Champions, distinguished by high levels of quality and innovation. As a certified Food Broker, providing top-quality support is simply a matter of course, and so consistently investing in our colleagues and infrastructure only makes sense.

„The Maresi Partner Brands Team will turn your brand into a fast-moving market leader.“

Tania Polinski, Head of Marketing, Partner Brands

AMORA has been appealing to the whole family since 1919. Children discover the tastes of traditional French delicacies, and Amora reminds parents of delicious memories. The offer includes a wide assortment rich in flavors contained in mustards, mayonnaise, various sauces, ketchups, salad dressings, vinegars and pickles.

Its philosophy, which combines respect for tradition with a spirit of innovation, is summed up in the slogan "Amora, for the love of taste".

Antica Cantina®

Great Mexican food. ANTICA CANTINA has a new modern approach to traditional recipes. Henry Leighton (founder of Leighton Foods) together with his business partner Erling Eskildsen have around 40 years of experience in various categories of the food industry. Henry Leighton, who comes from the USA, brought all his knowledge of Mexican cuisine to the European production plants. Here they created recipes for approximately 70 Tex Mex products based on original recipes from the USA and Mexico.



BEAR offers a delicious and healthy assortment of snacks for families - the only children's fruit snack made from pure fruit. Never from concentrates.

BEAR uses ingredients that are harvested from trees and fields when they are perfectly ripe. Then the raw materials are gently baked in a low-temperature oven, which will ensure that the fruit flavor is preserved. We then roll them up by hand or cut them into pieces.

The philosophy of the brand is simple, but at the same time very ambitious: To make it easier for parents to choose healthy and tasty snacks for children. We know that parents and children love BEAR. It is a brand they can trust, knowing that the products are healthy snacks for children. Our motto is - "with taste without regrets".


The unmistakable taste of the best fruit - Darbo. For more than 140 years, the family business has been turning its passion for fruit processing into excellent products such as jams and syrups.

Dr. Beckmann®

Competent, professional and responsible. For more than 40 years, our special laundry and household detergents have ensured uncompromising cleanliness.


Duracell is a global consumer battery company. It is number one in the world ranking of producers of high-performance alkaline, special and rechargeable batteries. Since its launch in 1965, the brand has become a consumer icon known for its quality, reliability and innovation.


Swiss original against limescale.

More than 70 years ago, Maria Düring-Keller, the grandmother of the three current owners of Düring AG, came up with a great business idea while cleaning. To rid the toilet, bathtub and taps of stubborn limescale, she took matters into her own hands and developed a highly effective descaling agent - the DURGOL brand was born. The businesswoman left and went on a promotional trip by car. She did not shy away from cleaning the toilets of potential customers by herself in an elegant dress and hat with a veil.

In 1963, her son Walter Düring-Orlob joined the company, bringing new ideas. Not only did he build the company's first professional filling machine, but he also developed a new type of descaling agent that offers unique corrosion protection. The product has been used to remove scale from metal objects since 1968. The new product - today known as durgol express - quickly became the leader on the Swiss market.


We keep our word

We behave in such a way that our motto is always valid. Whoever buys an EFKO product can be sure that he got the best quality. We face this challenge daily.

We can

In the Czech Republic, we process and sell millions of kilograms of fruits and vegetables into high-quality products every year. This creates jobs for up to a hundred employees.

We're here

We are part of a multinational food concern. We produce in Veselo nad Lužnicí, where we built the most modern lines for the production of sterilized vegetables.


We select only the best quality cocoa beans and other quality raw materials for our products. We combine the traditional with the new, presenting unique recipes and fillings. We are committed to sourcing our cocoa sustainably through the Transparency Cacao program.


Kühne has been producing vegetarian products long before they became a mega trend: since the company was founded in 1722.

As "The Veggie Company", we stand behind innovative vegetarian products with a unique taste - and a sustainable impact. We take responsibility for the people who work with us, for the world we live in, and for long-term economic prosperity. Characteristic is the courageous "Kühne attitude" - action, enthusiasm, trust, cosmopolitanism and tolerance. This attitude has made us a successful independent family business that has been operating for more than 10 generations. Kuhn's goal is to ensure one thing above all: a simple and joyful "Hmmmmmm."


Land-Leben - Traditionally quick and delicious. Land-Leben products are designed to make life easier. More pleasant and more satisfying. Because you have more time to enjoy it! The name Land-Leben has been synonymous for decades with quality soup inserts made from high-quality ingredients that are not only delicious but also natural and easy to make: just spread on the food and it can be served. The traditional, rich selection includes the right filling for every soup: crispy soup pearls, garlic or even spicy croutons.



Founded in 1889, Lorenz Snack-World is one of the leading European snack manufacturers. Lorenz products are distributed almost all over the world and have a dominant position in the salty products market.

No other brand of snack manufacturers offers a complete range of salty specialties quite like Lorenz.

Lotus Biscoff®

Crispy like no other

Lotus Biscoff is proof that even small things can be unique. They look different, taste unique and their crunchiness will surprise you with every bite. This little cookie hides a big story and a wonderful treat. The story of Lotus Biscoff biscuits began in 1932 in a small bakery in the Belgian town of Lembeke. Their unique recipe was gradually fine-tuned to perfection with the help of carefully selected natural ingredients. Lotus Bakeries is still a family business based in its hometown. From there, our delicious cookies spread all over the world.


Royally refined: The new motto of the French brand of Dijon mustard MAILLE, describes exactly what these products embody.

As an official supplier to the royal courts, Maille products were designed exclusively for noble mouths. Today, the world-famous brand is available to every gourmet and lover of international cuisine. You can go back in time and enjoy the quality products of that era so not only in restaurants but also at home.

Maille Dijon mustard has been produced in Burgundy near the French city of Dijon according to the original recipe since 1747. Their use is truly versatile. Turn ordinary food into an extraordinary dish that will amaze not only your family but also your friends. It is suitable for barbecue marinades, salad dressings, but it also flavors sauces, creates a spicy crust when roasting meat, and enhances the taste of an ordinary sandwich or baguette.


The two sides of taste. Both are delicious. Bruschette Maretti is prepared in a traditional bruschetta style. Generously seasoned on one side only, Maretti are giving you 2-in-1 snack with a choice of intense and mild taste (spices down for intense taste or spices up for mild one). Either way, you won’t regret. Four cheeses, pizza or even onion-sour cream, whichever flavor you choose from the eight different spices available, you certainly won’t regret it.


Passion, quality, tradition and innovation. Always focused on consumer needs. Riso Scotti performs quality control at every step. From farmers to products to guarantee excellence.

"Riso Scotti... Life for Rice since 1860"


SOLIVARY - SALINEN "White gold from the Austrian Alps"

Salinen Austria AG, the parent company of Solivarov Trade, s.r.o., has more than five hundred years of history behind it. State-of-the-art technologies and long-term experience of Salinen Austria guarantee stable quality, high purity, and guaranteed delivery. Salt from the depths of the picturesque mountain landscape of Austria is an important mineral that is used in a variety of ways.

Our salt has been waiting in the Austrian Alps for millions of years to flavor the choicest dishes:

  • freed from all external influences
  • carefully and sparingly mined
  • refined, straight to your table

For more than 300 years, Twinings and tea have been one and the same. No other blender combines such a rich history with a depth of flavors, aroma and expertise like Twinings. Served in over 100 countries around the world, Twinings is the favorite choice of tea lovers everywhere. Twinings makes a point of blending such special teas. May it be black, green, herbal or fruit tea, filter or leaves, Twinings tea will be a perfect partner due to its grabbing taste and high quality.

Every sip of Twinings' tea is a marriage of experience—yours and ours. Our expert blenders source only the finest leaves cultivated to our exacting standards by trusted growers around the world. From these tea gardens we hand-select the leaves that will shape your next Twinings moment. From the leave to the cup, they guarantee top quality and careful blending for you to have a perfect cup of tea. Blender’s expertise guarantees that every cup has a wonderful taste, colour and aroma.


A natural offer from the very beginning.

Vademecum wants to inspire a positive and healthy life that is close to nature. With over 120 years of expertise, Vademecum combines state-of-the-art technology with the power of plant extracts.

Maresi International

Based in Austria - at home in CEE. With our locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, we reach over 50 million consumers. Through our international distribution partners, we supply Europe and the world.